The location is awesome, and it honestly takes 3 minutes to get to the hill and about 5 minutes to get to campus.    Whitney A.


Hidden Valley Apartments made it possible for me to meet new people and now I am living with my best friend all because of ‪#‎hiddenvalleyaptsUNI   Abby E.


The management is great, helpful, and friendly. They are pet friendly, have several amenities (tanning, laundry on site), and it’s really a great place to live.   Ashley J.


I’ve lived here four years because I love the proximity to everything.  I can walk to class.  I can walk to the WRC.  And, I can walk to everything on the Hill.  UNI Student Athlete


I like being able to pay rent online, along with submitting any maintenance requests which is convenient and fast. Management is onsite so getting help is easy.  Alli K.


Great location. Easy to make new friends.  Dylan B.


The management is friendly and nice! I renewed my lease because the service is amazing!   Gabe Q.


I love living here! I walk to class every day and it’s right on the hill so you’re in the middle of everything.  Mickey H.


Rent is very reasonable considering how close you are to campus and the hill. Everything is in short walking distance. Overall, Hidden Valley is a great place to live. I’m glad I lived here and I would highly recommend it.   Zach N.


Great location, especially being a UNI student, I can walk to class and not have to pay for parking. April R.


The management is constantly working to make Hidden Valley a better place to live and they will help with any problems you may have in your apartment.   Katelyn P.


The rent is very affordable and they have any apartment size to fit anyone’s need!    K. P.


I love Hidden Valley Apartments because of how conveniently close they are to the UNI campus. I also enjoy Hidden Valley’s online option to pay rent.   Colten L.


The size of the apartment is great compared to the dorms and the management staff is sooo nice and welcoming!    W. A.


The landlord is fair and does a good job of making sure the property is clean and well maintained. There have been improvements made each year to make it a better place to live. Kyle B.